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OA2000 Carrier FE/GE MC Platform

FE/GE Media Converter | GE Ethernet Multiplexer | Optical Automatic Protection Switch (OAPS)

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Carrier FE/GE MC PlatformGet Spec Sheet

The OnAccess2000 is a high performance, cost effective, carrier grade manageable media converter platform that offers a full range of solutions for service provider and enterprise, including high density FE/GE connectivity, distance extension, fiber modem, fiber multiplexer and media converter. It is a fully modular product series that integrates a wide range of optical transport modules.

Available in stand-alone, modular chassis-based, the media converter modules offer copper to fiber and fiber to fiber media conversion, lambdas conversion, specific reaches, automatic fiber protection switching is optional.

With industry advanced features such as auto-negotiation, auto-MDI/X, link fault pass-through (LFP) or remote fault detection (RFD), and dying gasp alarm make more efficient troubleshooting and less on-site maintenance.


Compliance with Carrier Grade Standards, all the features of a carrier class

Flexible mix of services from 10Mb to 1000M, distance extension, Ethernet demarcation, media converter and multiplexer

Centralized management via NMC, telnet, web, console, SNMP and EMS/NMS solutions, simple to Install, configuration and maintenance

Redundant design for AC/DC PSU and FAN unit, Standard 19-inch rack mounted

PSU, FAN, network management card and line cards are hot swappable, allowing online field replacement

All products are green technology with low power consumption compliant with international standards

Automatic link switchover protection within 50ms for active SFP protection links or within 10ms for passive fiber protection links

Support Remote Fault Detection (RFD) or Link fault pass-through (LFP) function

Remote power on/off detection with dying gasp alarm and dual power supplies

Pay-as-you grow architecture, scalable, flexible for future growth

No extra licensing or server cost

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FE/GE Media Converter

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Ethernet demarcation, separate customer network from operator network

Media conversion (copper/fiber, MM/SM, dual fiber / single fiber)

Flex bandwidth control, effective ROI

E2E(End to End) hard pipe – fine granularity

Security – physical layer traffic isolation

QoS – Guaranteed bandwidth, no packet loss

Transparent - Unaware to all upper service

In-band management capabilities and remote performance monitoring

8xFE Multiplex to GE with Protection (Active Mux/Demux)

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Expanding fiber capacity, saving fiber resources, lower price than passive WDM solution

Transport 8 separate L1-like Fast Ehernet streams into two GE SFP based trunk port

Truly isolated and transparent without any VLAN and MAC address limitation between customers

Protected high reliable fiber links using

Protection switch-over time less than 50ms

Optical Line Protection

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1+1 protection to any point-to-point single or dual fiber optic transmission links

Fast switching time of less than 20ms

Hot-swappable with dying gasp alarm

Path latching feature even in case of power failure

Configurable switch-over optical power threshold

Network Schematic:

1) Transponder Protection:

2) Transponder and Route Protection:

3) Route Protection in Ring Networks:

4)Route Protection after MUX/DEMUX:

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Business Ethernet WDM Infrastructure Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation Carrier Ethernet FE/GE Media Conversion Switch Customization
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