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In-band OAM Management GE MC

Transparent | QinQ Transparent | Switch Transparent

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Standalone Management GE MCGet Spec Sheet

The S-GE-SFP/S-GE-2SFP management GE media converter is for the applications such as FTTx, and Carrier Ethernet. S-GE-SFP is equipped with 2 *GE ports (1xSFP, 1xRJ45), S-GE-2SFP is equipped with 2 *GE SFP ports, S-GE-SFP/ S-2GE-SFP supports media conversion, wavelength conversion and distance extension.

S-GE-SFP/S-GE-2SFP supports Web/CLI/SNMP management, RFD, dying gasp, loopback, IP ping, MIB counter function, etc. It offers quick fault reporting on the management platform, greatly reduced maintenance workload.

S-GE-SFP/S-GE-2SFP supports bandwidth limit function which can meet the needs of different paying users. When the speed requirement is increased, only the configuration parameters are needed to be changed, and no hardware upgrade is required.

S-GE-SFP/S-GE-2SFP supports multiple working modes, the supported working modes are Standalone Transparent, Host-Remote Transparent, Standalone QinQ, Host-Remote QinQ, Standalone Switch and Host-Remote Switch. it applicable to a variety of application scenarios.


Supports 6 business scenarios, with the simplest usage of in-band OAM

Third-party compatible SFP conversion with multi-mode, single-mode, single-fibe

Support both single-end (standalone) and host/remote configurations

Programmable link fault pass-through (LFP) or remote fault detection (RFD) function

In-band management and configurable VLAN/IP, ICMP supported (In-band management VLAN and IP are configurable and ICMP reachable)

L2 Control Protocol Transparency

SFP internal ID and status monitoring capability (DDMI)

Web/CLI/SNMP Management, 3rd party SNMP and EMS/NMS management solutions

Dual AC, Dual DC power supplies with power on/off alarm

Security – Exclusive physical layer traffic path

Transparent - Unaware to all upper service

Egress/Ingress rate management control

Supports Dying gasp. When the power supply voltage drops to dangerous level or comes back to normal level, converter sends warnings to the network management system automatically.

Loopback capability for link integrity test; supports both line side and client-side loopback

Supports hardware management such as system info, card hardware version, converter location, port description etc.

Three levels of user authorization (superuser, administrator and guest)

Warnings for link status, power on/off

Supports system log

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Scenario 1: Standalone transparent application
Scenario 2: Host/Remote transparent application
Scenario 3: Standalone QinQ transparent application
Scenario 4: Host/Remote QinQ transparent application
Scenario 5: Standalone switch transparent application
Scenario 6: Host/Remote switch transparent application

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