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4-Ports Outdoor Coax DPU with RPF

Providing Superior Gigabit Solutions Built for the Outdoors

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DP-4204CREGet Spec Sheet

Reverse Power Feed Series

To avoid the cost of running a powerline to individual units, the DPU can be powered through reverse powering from the customer premises using a Reverse Power G.hn CPE. Reverse powering the DPU does come with its own challenges.

First of all, the DPU needs to be powered even if only one end-user takes on the service. As there is no guarantee that everyone in the neighborhood or MDU will sign up for the higher speed services, the DPU needs to be functional, independent of the number of end-users connected.

Secondly there needs to be equal power sharing between subscribers. When multiple G.hn CPEs are connected to the DPU, each CPE needs to provide an equal amount of power to ensure one end-user doesn’t get loaded with the entire cost of powering the device.

It allows customer self-install which removes the need for a visit to the customer premises with its attendant cost, time, and logistical downsides. And last but not least, the DPU needs to work at all times, even during the edge cases.

This solution is utilizing the legacy coax for high-speed data and power – neither of which were envisaged when the cable was installed many years ago. In addition, being connected to the coax network means lightning effects need to be considered carefully in relation to device protection and continuity of reverse powering for all subscribers. Optimization is required to ensure an always-on network.

DP-4204CRE is an outdoor DPU(Distribution Point Unit) of Reverse Power Feed Series, it provide 4 * G.hn EoC ports, each port supports up to 16 subscribers.


The lowest CAPEX, the highest ROI, eliminates the disruption & cost to rewire

Same ARPU as fiber, the fastest time to revenues, profitable even at low initial take rates

Expand new business areas, such as IPTV, Wi-Fi, Cloud Storage

Gigabit Network, satisfy customers, rent value and condo value increase

4 * G.hn EoC ports, each port supports up to 16 subscribers

1 * SFP or SFP+, support 1/10Gbps, GPON, XGPON, XGSPON;Bulkhead adapter type: Optitap-SC

1*10/100/1000BT with external 4 twisted-pairs of pigtails with RJ45 connector

Reverse Power Feeding (RPF): Each G.hn Port on the DPU acts as a PoC PD.

Die cast aluminum alloy, IP67 water proof

Fanless convention cooling, Operating temperature:-20℃~ 50℃

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First Mile’s Reverse Power Feed Series includes G.hn DPU (Distribution Point Unit) and G.hn CPE (Customer Premise Equipment).


G.hn Coax Access solution delivers 1Gbps on RG-59 coaxial cable up to 300 meters (1000 feet) and 1Gbps on RG-6 coaxial cable up to 800 meters (2600 feet).

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